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"A Hug in Musical Form"

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Label Releases

Maddy O'Neal and Squoze EDM Show


Supported Sets

Maddy Oneal - Yoko - Bare Noize

 Sikdope - kLL sMTH - Mr. Bill - DMVU  Bass Physics - HONEYCOMB 

Animas City Theater, Durango CO

Meow Wolf, Sante Fe NM

El Rey Theater, Albuquerque NM

Tico Time Resort, Aztec NM

Fly Me To The Moon Saloon, Telluride CO

Cervantes' Ballroom, Denver CO

Squoze DJ at Animas City Theater
Squoze DJ at Nugget Mountain Bar

Meet The Man Behind The Tie

Austin Campbell's journey into the world of music began with a deep-seated passion that ignited during his formative years. As a young percussionist in the middle school band, Austin's rhythmic talent quickly became apparent. He further honed his skills by crafting his own cadences for the high school drumline, laying the foundation for his musical prowess. Throughout his high school years, Austin immersed himself in the local music scene, joining various bands as a drummer and exploring different genres.
It wasn't long before Austin's musical journey took a transformative turn with the discovery of electronic music production. Embracing this new realm, he found his own unique style and was drawn into the vibrant electronic music community. Now known as Squoze, Austin channels his passion for music into curating weekly or bi-weekly electronic music events across the Four Corners area. Embracing the ethos of P.L.U.R (Peace, Love, Unity, Respect), Squoze creates an inclusive atmosphere where music transcends boundaries and fosters connection among his audience. 

Squoze, a dynamic producer and DJ, captivates audiences with electrifying performances spanning genres like house, dubstep, glitch hop, and drum and bass. With a diverse musical background, Squoze brings infectious energy and unmatched stage presence, creating unforgettable experiences where music unites audiences in a transcendent journey.

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